Steve Marsh – Genetically Modified crop farmer wins.

Devastated to read that Steve Marsh has lost his case against his GM farmer neighbour in the West Australian Supreme Court. By creating a precedent, this judgment has a scary impact on organic farming in Australia. Steve Marsh’s lawyers are reviewing the decision and considering their options to appeal. Read more about it here and

The Australian Paradox? Big Sugar and big nutritionists

A few years ago, a study came out stating that Australians were getting fattier but our sugar consumption was decreasing. This was named “the Australian paradox”. However this study has been challenged and refuted by a number of sources; mainly tirelessly by Rory Robertson. The authors of the study have been accused of conflicts of

A real food crusader – help Steve Marsh

Steve Marsh is a West Australian organic farmer taking his neighbour to court for spreading GM crops onto his land resulting in a loss of income. This is the first time an organic farmer has taken a GM farmer to court for compensation due to damage to his crops. His neighbour started to grow GM

Luv-a misleading advertisement

In November, there have been two successful prosecutions for misleading and deceptive conduct by the Australian¬† Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) against poultry producers. The producers misled consumers by using terms like “range free” or “grown in spacious wheat-lands”, when in fact, the poultry (ducks, spatchcocks, chicken, quail) were raised wholly indoors and never saw